An actual blog, with an actual blog post.

I ought to have one of these, oughtn’t I?


I’m Arkady Martine. I write science fiction and fantasy, when I’m not researching Byzantium and the medieval Caucasus for the Other Job, under the Other Name. I like nanites and doppelgangers and dead languages. I write a lot about memory and propaganda, no matter which job I’m doing. I’ve just started selling my stories to semiprofessional and professional magazines, and I’m working on what I hope will be my first novel this summer. I was a Viable Paradise XVII student and can enthuse endlessly about that experience.

I’m hoping this blog will be a decent place to talk about writing (mine and other people’s) and other SFnal things, as they occur to me.

The brief biographical sketch: late-twenties, female, New Yorker (but with no current fixed address), raised by wild classical musicians, just finished a PhD in Byzantine history. Most likely found wandering in a foreign city where I don’t know the language, entranced by some obscure grammar from 875 CE, and thinking about aliens.