Award eligibility and year in review

This has been a year.

Personally, it’s been a pretty fantastic year. Dayjob-wise, I’ve been to ten countries for conferences & academic workshops, and I got to teach a week-long course in Istanbul — and just recently I’ve gotten contracts for two academic books, with two different presses (so a large part of next year’s writing will be those). Personal life-wise, well — I met this girl. And then I spent the summer with her, back and forth between Baltimore and NYC. And now we’re engaged. (This is the most exciting and lovely and miraculous thing to have happened to me in ever.) All of this counterbalances, somewhat, the horrific worldwide political situation. Somewhat. Enough to keep going, to build little shelters against the dark.

(I’m getting married. I’m going to write books. We keep going.)

I also wrote some fiction this year. All of it was published in the first half of the year, amusingly enough. I’d love for you to consider it as you put together your Hugo and Nebula nominations lists.

Short Stories

(If you only have time to read one story, I recommend All the Colors, and if you’d like to read two, add Fear Death By Water; these are my personal favorites.)


I have also written about 25k more novel than I previously had written. Fingers crossed for that to be finished sooner rather than later.

More and better things to come (next year in Jerusalem, etc.).

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