“Abandon Normal Instruments” + interview & reprint at Mithila Review

I’m really pleased to have a new poem (and a reprint of 2014’s “Cloud Wall”) appear in the Mithila Reviewa new literary speculative fiction & poetry magazine edited by Salik Shah and Ajapa Sharma. I love this magazine’s concept — SFF from all over the world, but centered in a South Asian frame, concerned with borderlands, translation, “a language that slips”. And I’m incredibly pleased that Salik and Ajapa asked me to contribute: it’s wonderful when people you’ve never met see the thematic core of your work so clearly, and ask for more of it. I feel both honored and excited to be in this company.

Please do read the entire magazine — this issue (and the first) are full of fascinating, slippage-heavy, blurred-edge work, both poetry and prose. (And the magazine itself is beautiful.)

My new poem, “Abandon Normal Instruments”, is a threnody. (It may be slightly clear for whom.) It can also be read as a diptych with “Cloud Wall”, though it’s substantially less threnodic in that context.

I also had the opportunity to answer some interview questions! In which I make an attempt to define what I mean by ‘a poetics of exile’, and have some opinions about whether I have ever published a story with a heterosexual romance in it. (Spoilers: not yet, but I don’t rule it out in the future.)


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