some quick notes: sales, projects, progress

This is not my year-in-review post, or my you-could-nominate-these-stories-for-awards post. Both of those soon. This is my I’m-procrastinating-at-work-by-writing-a-status-update-because-I-should-use-my-blog post.

sales news:

  • I sold “How The God Auzh-Aravik Brought Order To The World Outside the World” (AKA the flayed god story) to Strange Horizons. It’ll be out in mid-January.
  • “Lace Downstairs”, my cyberpunk lesbian noir novelette in Abyss & Apex (2012), will be reprinted in audio at StarShipSofa, which I am immensely excited about. I have never sold audio reprint rights before. Also I love this story and am really happy that more people will get to hear/read it.

progress report:

  • The novel sits at 43k. This is simultaneously much less novel than I wanted to have by this point and much more novel than I’ve ever had before. I still like it. I still want it to be done, desperately. I guess I should keep writing.
  • I took two weeks away from novelling and wrote 2k on the film hunter/sacrifice auction novelette (I think it needs retitling again) and a few thousand words distributed through other stories. I miss having finished shorts. (Nevertheless I still haven’t finished any shorts.)
  • new stories started: “Strict Machine”, about what happens to you AFTER you marry the city; “And Her Language Unraveling In Her Mouth”, which comes from an Elise Matthesen pendant, and is about xenophilia (and is the angel-insect-alien sex piece I have promised various people for ages).

other notes:

  • I have begun writing reviews for Strange Horizons! Here is the first of them, on Hal Duncan’s Testament (which I liked very much and found to be the best kind of ambitious failure).
  • I have a semi-secret project at work which is, in its broadest terms, about Byzantium and science fiction. I really love my job right now. More news as events warrant.
  • Tomorrow I get to fly home to New York City. (The degree of anticipation and delight I am currently experiencing is in fact one of the hazards of having married the city. Ahem.)

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