so when I said ‘peripatetic’…

… I meant it.

I’m moving to Sweden. Sometime during the last week of April. For at least two years — I’ve won a postdoctoral position, which means I get to spend real time doing research again, which I am profoundly grateful for; I’m an academic because I genuinely enjoy spending ten hours in the library with three different language dictionaries and a bunch of offprints. I haven’t been able to do that this year — where I am simply isn’t set up for it, not to mention teaching a 3-3 courseload, all five of which were new course preparations. I absolutely can’t wait to be able to sink into what I feel like is my real work again.

Also, Sweden. I have never been! It’s going to be great! I get to have an adventure! I have so much missed adventures. Small city maritime Canada hasn’t got many if you aren’t into outdoor sport, which I’m — not. Much to my continued surprise, I am very into athletic activity lately — let me tell you about rock climbing! — but I continue to want my athletics to take place in warm, well-lit environments, preferably inside. So my adventures this year have mostly involved … well. Okay. I did go to Troy and Iznik. That counts. But it was only once!

Essentially, I am very excited, incredibly eager to go, and a bit terrified about some of the logistical hurdles.

I have less writing news this month (I sold a reprint! I went to Boskone! I still hate writing this novel!), but that should change very shortly. Next Monday, in fact — when I will have a story in Strange Horizons. More on that when it is posted.


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