2014/retrospective & 2015/goals

It is a new year. In the first thirty-six hours of 2015 I have been to a lovely party full of SFF people and sold a story. This seems very positive as a way to begin. I have a lot of hope for my life as a writer this year. A lot of hope and a bunch of terrifying goals.

The chief amongst those goals is the following: in 2015 I will finish a complete draft of a novel. I declare this now, in public, as a sort of vow. I have never finished a novel. I have never even gotten close, unless you count collaborative projects — and I don’t, quite, as collaboration fixes all of my novel-writing psychological horrors, i.e. I refuse to let down my collaborators, and thus I do not run away from the novel, and also if I get hideously stuck I can ask the other person to fix the plot, which also prevents escape attempts. I have a horror of plot. Or possibly my plots are a horror. One or the other. Either way, this time I’m doing it alone, and it’s going to be hard, and I am terrified, and I will write a novel.

(The novel in question is a space opera about memory and cultural preservation. Also there’s a murder in it. I feel pretty good about the murder.)

other writing goals for 2015: Twelve new short stories, one for every month of the year, so as to keep this gorgeous bit of momentum I’ve got going.

2014 was a really great year for me — I am actually, as of this morning’s acceptance note, out of finished stories to send on submission — and it was the year where I got serious about being a SFF pro, as opposed to getting ready to be a SFF pro, which was sort of my pre-Viable Paradise state. I had one publication before VP, but I wasn’t actively and consistently writing and submitting. This last year, I was consistently writing and submitting, and making contacts with other writers and editors, and going to SFF cons, and being part of the community, and I am so very pleased with how it’s gone.

And, as is apparently traditional, statistics from 2014 (and one day of 2015):

submissions: 25 (24 fiction, 1 poetry)

acceptances: 5 (4 fiction, 1 poetry) – 2 published in 2014, 3 forthcoming 2015

rejections: 12 form, 9 personal

I’d like to get that submissions number up over 40 for 2015.

I need to write faster. That is also a goal this year.

Happy 2015, all of you.


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