award-eligible work 2014

I’ve never written one of these before. It’s a little odd writing one now. But we begin as we mean to go on.

For those of you who can nominate for annual science fiction & fantasy awards (i.e. Hugos, Nebulas, and the Rhysling), and those of you looking for year’s-best anthology candidates, I’d like to point out the following which I’ve published this year:

  1.  “Nothing Must Be Wasted”, in Ideomancer 13.3, a ‘science fantasy’ short story with generation ships, ghost-companions, and Central Asian mythology.
  2. “Cloud Wall”, in Strange Horizons, a poem of 30 lines on marrying the god, cities, and luck.

I am not yet this year eligible for the Campbell Award for Best New Writer, as my professional-rate publication clock will begin sometime in 2015. But, y’know. If you wanted to think about it way in advance.

I appreciate all of your consideration. I’m proud of both this story and this poem and very pleased to share them with you.


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