“Nothing Must Be Wasted” at Ideomancer

Apologies for that bit of radio silence. I moved to Canada and have four days left before a horde of university students descend on me and I must instruct them in THE HISTORY OF THE ENTIRE WORLD. (This is not an exaggeration. I am teaching Introduction to World History. Along with The Medieval History of Eurasia and The Islamic World Until The Ottoman Empire. I have never taught any of these before. It is very exciting and utterly terrifying.)

What have I written in the past month? Fanfiction. And a little bit of the novel. That’s about all I’ve got right now, with the new job.


Today my vultures&generation ships story, “Nothing Must Be Wasted”, is up at Ideomancer. I am very excited about this story. It is a product of some of the most extensive editorial conversations I’ve ever had — Leah Bobet, the editor at Ideomancer, is immensely clever and insightful and challenged me to make the story hang together in ways I hadn’t imagined it could when I wrote it.

(It’s also the story which is ‘the one that happened in my head when I read Elizabeth Bear’s Chill and Shattered Pillars in close succession’, so I think I ought to thank Bear for making me think of far-future Central Asian mythology in SPACE.)

Enjoy! “Nothing Must Be Wasted” at Ideomancer: The vultures had colonized the shell of her ship.


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