The problem with saying that you will write a blog post when you finish the story…

… is that you have to finish the story before you write the blog post. That took at least two weeks longer than I meant it to. (Extenuating circumstances include a deeply complex fight with Canadian immigration authorities, culminating in me citing NAFTA. I am a free trade good, it turns out. Also I’m moving this weekend. Forward momentum, etc etc.)

However: City of Salt, complete at 3750 words. High fantasy is a weird genre for me to work in. But I think I’m pleased with how it turned out. Next, a revision pass, annoying at least one friend for critique, and sending the thing out posthaste, since …

… I sold two pieces last week and need to fill out the rota again!

This is delightfully exciting. A poem to Strange Horizons (… first time’s the charm, apparently. Haven’t written poetry since I was a teenager, sent this one to one market, and they took it straight off; this might go to my head) and a short story to Ideomancer. Links when they’re actually out, naturally.

These are my first sales since Viable Paradise. I’m so pleased. And kind of encouraged.

Now I need to sell something to a SFWA-qualifying market. And figure out enough about the novel to keep writing it.

And, y’know, be a professor for the first time in my life. This year is rather exciting.


One thought on “The problem with saying that you will write a blog post when you finish the story…

  1. Congratulations! Looking forward to reading these. And, if I can be pedantic, Strange Horizons IS a SFWA qualifying market, you just happened to sell a smaller thing there. I think I should be allowed to be pedantic, since I’m talking to a professor, right :-)? Have fun settling in as a new trade good and yes, write some more stuff to sell!

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